To be transparent, we want to give you answers to four basic questions


Private Business Club International was formed 1st of June 2020. In the current situation of economic crisis, it is essential to create cooperation between entrepreneurs and to connect companies across the World. More and more companies are aware that it is crucial to have a STRONG and STRATEGIC partner.


Unite people who can always support each other under any circumstances. We want to bring a positive change to the business environment, eliminate competition, and always to unite. We are looking for people with a story who will be a significant inspiration for the YOUNG BUSINESS GENERATION.


To effectively fulfill our dreams and plans, we have launched several projects focusing on various areas, and that is why is PBCI unique. Clients in our club gain a strategic and robust partner. Status of trustworthy and reliable entrepreneur confirmed by a certificate increases the top name of the entrepreneur and the positive perception of the business by its customers. ​


The things mentioned here are the measures of every consumer why quality is essential to us and to what we're doing. A company with a story, success, and a member of PBCI proves its quality. Our club is entirely based on trust and positive partnerships. We always work with high efficiency and professionalism to ensure the quality you deserve. ​


Basis of PBCI is the selection of trustworthy and reliable sole entrepreneurs or companies.

Discover Our Activities


We are always discovering or finding new members


When we find you, it takes us some time to accept you properly


Majority of our time is dedicated to taking care of you


You will be part of lectures, articles, trades and much more

Why Us


Creating strategic cooperation between members; Acquisition of new suppliers, customers, investors; Active support for members and assistance in solving problems; Building strong relationships and ties; New contacts


Status of a verified and reliable entrepreneur; Growth of the company and increase of your profit; Legal, economic and marketing advice; Implementation of joint projects; Opportunity to participate in the direction of the business association


Regular online meetings and thematic business discussions; Lectures on various topics and education (Academy); Lectures on various topics and education (Eco); Advertising and promotion of club members; Support of business intentions of club members


Constructive feedback on your ideas and projects; Charitable activity; Club magazine

How do we work

Private Business Club International is based on trust. That is why we invite business entities to the club, which we are convinced are trustworthy.

We are looking for members from various fields and providing them demands from different areas. The club has a paid agent who is looking for demands. The given request is presented to the relevant club members, and the club members present us with a price offer for the given demand. The client then decides for the proposition that is most relevant to him. Sometimes the client chooses the proposition based on price; sometimes, the client chooses the proposition based on quality, and sometimes the client chooses the proposition based on the speed of delivery of the product or service. Before offering each demand, we always specify what is most important for the client at a given moment (price, quality, speed). Subsequently, the client chooses a suitable offer, and we execute the deal.

However, demand does not mean guaranteed trade. Demand is only “offer. ” The client isn’t tied to products and services from PBCI.

It is not possible to determine in advance how many demands there will be. Therefore, before joining the club, a potential member always specifies what demands he is interested in so that our agent can always look for RELEVANT DEMANDS ONLY.